Alleged Drug Raid in Afrin


Idlib-based armed opposition group Hayat Tahrir Sham (HTS) carried out an anti-drug dealers raid on dealers in the center of Afrin city. 


Most of the HTS forces, who entered Afrin during the conflicts within the Syrian National Army (SNA), taking advantage of the authority vacuum in the region, withdrew from Afrin in two separate groups. Although withdrew of HTS combatant forces, local sources are pursuing their claim that HTS members have a presence in the Afrin city center and its surroundings. 


According to a local source, who spoke with Acta Fabula on the condition of anonymity, HTS General Security Service carried out an operation against the drug dealers in the Afrin city center in the last few days.

Raiding the homes of members of the Third Corps

In addition to this development, local sources claimed that HTS, together with Suleyman Shah Brigade members, raided the houses of the Third Corps members and their commanders.


It was claimed that one of the houses raided by the HTS and Suleyman Shah Brigades belonged to Abu Vakil Homsi, one of the Third Corps commanders who lost his life in the recent clashes.


According to an official of the General Security Servis of HTS speaking to Acta Fabula denied the allegations that they have any presence in the Olive Branch and Euphrates Shield operations areas.

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