American Energy Company Starts Oil Trade in Syria

American company Delta Crescent Energy has entered the second phase of arrangements for oil investment in northeastern Syria, and preparations for distributing oil equipment to a number of fields in the region, to start investing them later.


A private source revealed to Syria TV, in principle, the Rumailan and Al-Jibsa fields in the countryside of Hasakah, as they do not require maintenance operations such as the Deir Ezzor fields, indicating that there is no clear timetable to start investing.


Regarding this, a source connected to the Al-Jazeera Oil Company in northeastern Syria, who is one of the engineers accompanying the American company, explained that the investment will expand to include the fields of Deir Ezzor so that the Delta Energy Company will repair the damage and rebuild the fields that were destroyed as a result of the military actions in the region.


He pointed out that a British consultant affiliated with Delta Energy is primarily responsible for the issue of oil investment, and he, along with a number of engineers, is exploring the fields and determining what is needed to start work, adding that the timetable for starting the investment is unclear but close, as a result of completing logistical matters.


The source, who preferred not to be named, said that the Al-Jazeera company operating in northeastern Syria is responsible for arranging investment operations with Delta Energy, which is currently authorized to file the oil in the Autonomous Administration which has established by YPG’s political wing PYD, and that matters have not actually started to invest oil, but it is very close, adding that The drainage lines will be two in the next stage, which is the transfer of oil to Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), in addition to its transfer to the areas controlled by the Syrian opposition in the northwest of the country.


Regarding the export of oil to the Damascus Regime, the source said that the United States of America had previously prevented this and seemed to be determined to prevent oil from reaching the regime, especially with the entry into force of the Caesar Act.


Agence France-Press’ correspondent  in northeastern Syria, Dalil Suleiman, wrote a few days ago on his official Facebook page that the American company with Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) which umbrella organization of YPG, signed an agreement to invest oil will start in the coming period with practical steps to start investing oil in northeastern Syria.


In the face of the new data in the oil file in eastern Syria, private sources told Syria TV that the SDF withdrew their military formations from oil fields in Hasakah and Deir al-Zor, and they were replaced by the Oil Facilities Protection Forces, which are American trained forces whose tasks are limited to protecting the oil fields they control. The American forces and the Facilities Protection Forces are forces that enjoy American support, training, and funding, but they are affiliated with the SDF and coordinate with them security matters in the region.

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