Turkey continues operations against ISIS cells

Turkey continues operations against ISIS cells
Turkey continues operations against ISIS cells

Turkey, which is a potential transit route for ISKP organisation as well as ISIS militants in Syria and Iraq, continues its operations against ISIS cells.

Turkish Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya announced that 1431 anti-ISIS operations were carried out in the last one year and 56 ISIS suspects were detained in operations carried out in the cities of Şanlıurfa, Konya, Hatay and Denizli.

In a statement on his social media account, Yerlikaya announced that as a result of the simultaneous operations carried out, 45 suspects who were intensively active in Şanlıurfa were arrested. It was determined that the detainees were providing recruitment, weapons and ideology training to ISIS and also providing support to people who illegally entered Turkey.

Minister Yerlikaya announced that 10 ISIS suspects detained in Hatay during the operations received bomb and assassination training, and 1 person detained in Denizli transferred money to members of the organisation.

According to the data shared by Yerlikaya, Turkey has carried out 1431 ISIS operations since 1 June 2023. More than 3 thousand suspects were detained in the operations. More than 800 suspects were arrested.

On 28 January, after the ISIS attack on the Santa Maria Church in Istanbul, the operations against the organisation were announced under the name “Bozdoğan”. Within the scope of the wave of operations against the organisation, which started with “Bozdoğan-4” announced by Interior Minister Yerlikaya on 19 February, approximately 30 raids were carried out in three months.